Clear Window Films

Tropical Tinting Offers Clear Window Films

 Window Films Don’t Have to Be Dark, They Can Be Clear!

From a historical standpoint, virtually every objection to window film has been related to aesthetics. Complaints such as “it’s too dark”, “it’s too shiny”, or “it doesn’t look natural” used to be fairly commonplace. Well, those days are over! With the introduction of Hilite 70® clear solar protection those objections have become ancient history.

Hilite 70® is a spectrally selective window film. What does that mean you ask? “Spectrally selective” essentially means that the film is able to discriminate against certain wavelengths within the light spectrum. Clear Hilite Window Film

In this case, Hilite 70® stops 99% of the UV light, and 95% of the longer wavelength infrared, while allowing virtually all of the visible portion of the light spectrum through.

This results in a “clear” film that still rejects 55% of the total solar energy entering through your windows.

Just as importantly, Hilite will not compromise your view – day or night.  Conventional films can be very dark, or present a reflective surface on the inside of your windows at night; making it difficult or even impossible to see out. Hilite has the same reflectance value as clear, untreated glass. During the day, your rooms will be filled with natural light. “Hot spots” will be eliminated, comfort will be increased, and at the same time, your prized possessions will be well protected against sun damage and fading.

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The exterior appearance of your windows remains unchanged as well. There is no cold, “mirrored”; or heavy, “dark” appearance that is so commonly associated with older type window films.

Contact Tropical Tinting today and ask for a demonstration of Hilite 70®. We will be glad to provide you with a free, no – obligation consultation and estimate!