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Spectrally selective Panorama® Hilite 70 helps meet daylighting and solar control needs of architectural properties by blocking over 99% of damaging UV radiation and 95% of uncomfortable IR heat, while not noticeably affecting visible light transmission. Optically clear, polyester-based glass coating, applied to interior glass surface, helps eliminate hotspots around windows and glass doors, balance room temperatures, and reduce energy costs.

Bekaert Introduces Panorama(R) Hilite 70 Architectural Window Film

New Generation Window Film With Enhanced Performance and Aesthetics

CLEARWATER, Fla., Aug. 2 — Bekaert, a leading manufacturer of solar control and safety window films, has released its most revolutionary architectural product to date — spectrally selective Panorama(R) Hilite 70, specifically developed to meet the sophisticated daylighting and solar control needs of architectural properties.

“Hilite’s impressive solar capabilities and exceptional transparency are a result of Bekaert’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process, premium raw materials and unique, patent-pending layering of exotic metals, such as titanium oxide, gold and silver,” said Peter Persoone, Ph.D, Senior Project Manager of Bekaert’s Technology Center. “Bekaert’s cutting-edge technology allows Hilite to block select wavelengths of the sun’s unwanted radiation, while still transmitting a high amount of visible light — keeping out the heat you don’t enjoy and maintaining the light you love.”

Hilite’s ability to block over 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet radiation and 95 percent of uncomfortable infrared heat, while not noticeably affecting the visible light transmission, is what make Hilite so unique. Home, business and storefront occupants will immediately benefit from the elimination of hotspots around windows and glass doors, balanced room temperatures and improved personal comfort. Long-term benefits include reduced energy costs and a prolonged lifespan of furnishings and decor, all while maintaining the appearance of the glass.

Hilite is an optically clear, polyester-based glass coating that is applied to a room’s interior glass surface through an exclusive network of independent window film professionals. Windows with Hilite are cleaned and maintained as usual. And, the product offers industry-leading warranty coverage ranging from 12 years to lifetime.

Bekaert is the world leader in advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings. Founded in 1880, today Bekaert has a global presence and is responsible for an extensive variety of household and industrial products. Bekaert is a leading manufacturer of window films for automotive, residential, commercial and government applications.

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