Window Film News 8

Panorama® Window Films: Innovation Meets Excellence

As a quality leader in the industry with some of the most advanced spectrally selective or dual-reflective window films available, Solar Gard sets the standard for excellence. When you install Panorama, you become a part of the Solar Gard family. Panorama┬« window film has a long life with extended warranties when installed by professionals and it complies with the strictest international standards and regulations. That is why it can be found in homes, apartments, and small commercial buildings … throughout the world.
Homeowners and small business owners can’t see Panorama once it is installed but there are measurable and quantifiable benefits: homes become cooler; users are protected from glass breakage; and ultraviolet rays are reduced up to 99%.

Panorama window films are designed to:

  • Keep it Cool
    Panorama window films reflect the heat that can become a source of discomfort, so the whole interior maintains the right temperature. The technically advanced Panorama® Hilite reflects virtually all the infrared heat while allowing most of the visible light to pass through windows.
  • Keep it New
    Panorama window film blocks ultraviolet rays, thus preserving furniture and interiors. In addition, Panorama protects skin from exposure to ultraviolet, earning it the seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Institute.
  • Keep it Safe
    In the event of a broken window, Panorama window film protects by holding all the shards together.

Panorama window film is fitted to the inside of the existing glass. It is also virtually maintenance free so homeowners and businesses can clean it just like a normal window.